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Small Pop-Top - pizza


The Sound of Freshness Pull it open, hear the pop, and know your nugs are still fresher than a sailor's mouth. Because that's what the small Pop-Top 420 Jar does. It..

Small Wide-Mouth - pizza


A 420 Science Favorite Call us biased, but we say our Small Wide Mouth 420 Jar is the best way to store an ounce of your favorite herb. Or your second favorite herb...

Medium UV Screw-Top - pizza


We Know What's Best We're not going to tell you how to live your life. But we will tell you that you want to keep your nugs as dank as possible for as long as..

X-Small Clear Screw-Top - pizza


Hold Me Closer Tiny Screw-Top This pocket-sized jar is small enough to hide almost anywhere. It's air-tight, water-tight, and durable enough to survive most falls...

Medium Amber Screw-Top - pizza


From the Lows to the Highs Now we're starting to get a little serious. Our medium jar holds up to a quarter ounce of your favorite herb. Hell, it can hold up to a..

Large Clear Screw-Top - pizza


You're Wearing Big Boy Pants Having your own half-ounce is one of the benefits of growing up. But with age comes responsibility. You've got to keep those nugs nice..

Large UV Screw-Top - pizza


Cleopatra's Dirty Secret Did you know the ancient Egyptians kept valuable essences and herbs in violet glass containers? They knew the value of shielding plants from..

Medium Wide-Mouth - pizza


Bask in the Genius That is 420 Science We're awesome, but we're not perfect. This jar is proof of that. It used to be our XL Pop-Top, but fans weren't happy with the..

Large Pop-Top - pizza


Three Keys to Happiness When you're holding a half-ounce of dank, you owe it to yourself to remember these very important things about the large Pop-Top jar. First,..